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12v USB To Battery Power Supply With 1.1m Harness

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Regular price $18.99 USD
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Universal USB Power Supply Harness

High quality USB power supply with long harness used to charge electrical accessories. Connects directly to your battery and has an inline plug which allows the cable to be removed quickly from the vehicle when power is not needed.

Suitable for all 12v vehicles - Motorcycles, Cars, Machinery, Boats, ATVs, Quad Bikes, etc.


  • 12 volt input / 5V output
  • USB port with waterproof cap
  • Inline plug with waterproof cap
  • 10amp inline fuse with waterproof cap
  • Battery terminal rings
  • 1.1m wiring harness
  • Dimensions - please see photos
  • Package includes: 1 x USB + harness + 4 x zip ties