Collection: About Us

Founded in 2012 within the heart of China, Max Moto Parts International Co., Limited embarked on its journey from a modest office space, diligently procuring and meticulously inspecting products for our esteemed retail outlet in the United Kingdom. From humble origins, we have flourished, now operating from a spacious 900-square-meter warehouse. As an Australian owned company with a warehouse and development team in China, we proudly distribute our exceptional products to discerning customers across the globe and strive to provide world-class customer service by our Melbourne, Australia based administrative team.

China's status as the eminent manufacturer of motorcycle parts and accessories is no secret, supplying the world with its daily needs. Yet, for many, delving into this vast market can be a daunting endeavor, fraught with uncertainties. Rest assured, Max Moto Parts International Co., Limited stands as your steadfast ally, ready to lend a guiding hand.

Our expertise lies in catering not only to small and medium-sized shops and businesses but also to the discerning everyday consumer worldwide. With the magnitude of goods exported from China each day, we possess the unique ability to extend to our valued customers an exclusive partnership with DHL, resulting in unparalleled rates. This guarantees the prompt delivery of your orders, swiftly arriving at your doorstep, while maintaining an affordable price point.


Our Guarantee

At Max Moto Parts International Co., Limited, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. Our commitment to authenticity is evident in the fact that our product photos are meticulously captured using actual stock items, ensuring transparency and setting us apart from those who resort to "borrowed" images from other sellers.

Rest assured that our stringent quality checks guarantee that the product you receive is precisely as advertised. We take great pride in delivering excellence and fulfilling our promise of providing you with products that meet and exceed your expectations.

In our relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction, we strive to achieve an impressive 80% pick rate, ensuring that a significant majority of the items you order are readily available in our inventory, poised to be swiftly dispatched to your doorstep. Your convenience and prompt service are of utmost importance to us.

While we may not position ourselves as the cheapest option available, we firmly believe that our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and customer experience sets us apart. At Max Moto Parts International Co., Limited, we have meticulously crafted a reputation as one of the finest purveyors in our industry, consistently delivering excellence that discerning customers like yourself truly deserve.