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High Quality Aozoom Xenon HID H4 Headlight Bulb - Hi / Low Beam

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Regular price $79.99 USD
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Super Bright Xenon HID H4 Headlight Bulbs

This HID bulb kit is very high quality and one of the best mainstream brands on the market and are up to 3 times brighter than standard 55w halogen bulbs. The quality of this kit is up there with the big brands such as Philips, etc. These kits are not to be confused with the cheap kits that are all over the internet - Our kits are built to last.

Installation is simple and they are pretty much plug n play. Simply remove your old bulbs from your headlight housing, replace with these HID bulbs and connect 1 x Power Wire (+) and 1 x Ground Wire (-) to your battery and you are good to go. There is only one H4 connector which is on the bulb closest to your battery so the opposite side plug from your vehicle you simply disregard.

This kit is AC (Alternating Current) and can be used on both AC & DC vehicles. Classic cars and older vehicles generally have AC electrical systems and newer vehicles have DC (Direct Current) electrical systems which makes this kit suitable for all older cars with AC electrical systems and newer vehicles with DC electrical systems. AC electrical systems can only use AC HID kits but DC electrical systems can use both AC & DC HID Kits.

The bulbs have a standard H4 fitting and the plug connects directly to your vehicles headlight wiring without modification.


  • H4 / 12 volt / 35 watt
  • AC (alternating current)
  • Hi / low beam
  • High quality bulbs
  • Quick start drivers
  • Approx output: 3100 lumens
  • Light color: 5500K
  • Package includes: 2 x H4 HID bulbs with drivers