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MAX Super Bright 20w CREE LED Cube Spotlight

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Max Super Bright 20w CREE LED Spotlight

This universal spotlight from Max is of exceptional quality, boasting 4 x 5 Watt genuine CREE LED chips in each light. Despite its compact size, it emits an impressive amount of light. Thanks to its low wattage, it can be easily used on any vehicle without necessitating an electrical system upgrade. You have the flexibility to wire it directly into your headlight high beam wires or use it with a separate switch.


  • Multi Volt: 9V - 24V
  • LED Chips: 4 x 5W Genuine CREE LED Chips
  • Light Output: Approximately 1400 Lumens
  • Housing: Cast Aluminium
  • Bolts: Stainless Steel Allen Bolts
  • Bracket: Adjustable
  • Waterproof Wire Connector Plug + DIY Kit
  • Package Includes: 1 x 20W CREE LED Spotlight with Hardware + Clear Protective Cover